Forward Destinations has been founded by Markus Sprengler in 2008.

Since many years, even before we started Forward Destinations, we have excellent relationships with DMC / Incoming Agencies, accommodation facilities and best network structures in many countries, i.e.:

South Africa, Namibia, Botsuana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Mosambique, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania incl. Zanzibar, Uganda, Benin, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Mali & Togo

China, Indochine, Sri Lanka, India

Costa Rica, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Argentina, Brasil, Chile, USA, Canada


The founder of Forward Destinations, Markus A. Sprengler, is well known for his competence in the German travel trade and the associated industries. Due to his activities in this business for more than four decades, he has excellent business relations to decision makers on all levels within the German travel industry, especially to tour operators, airlines and travel agencies.

As Head of the Sales Team for Ethiopian Airlines in Germany, Markus Sprengler was responsible for all sales, marketing, distribution, advertising and PR measurements.He introduced the coupon system for longhaul passengers on the airlines domestic services and started to promote the destination by sending educational groups of tour operator, travel agents, journalists and film teams to Ethiopia. Due to the combination of all his activities in marketing, sales, distribution and advertising, he managed to reposition the carrier as one of the leading airlines from Germany to the African continent. A package to Ethiopia of a major tour operator, which had been produced while he was in charge, had won the highest award in the German travel trade.

Before, he was self-employed for four years with his internet travel agency.

He began a long-standing career with British Airways as Account Manager Leisure Sales, in which he was responsible for the business development of main consolidators and tour operators in Germany. Beside other duties in his field of operation during two decades, he implemented and executed a tailor made training program for travel agency staff, which has been used by the leisure sales team on nation-wide basis.

Two years after starting with the airline, Markus Sprengler had to take up his social responsibility and worked as a conscientious objector in the charitable foundation “Theodor Fliedner Werk“ for 18 month.

In preparation for his career, he successfully graduated after three years apprenticeship as travel agent in 1980.

Off duty, Markus is enthusiastic about riding his motorbike and a keen photographer, loves to take his camera and go out to create some nice pictures. Also, he loves to travel around the world and explore new spots beyond the beaten track with his camera.

Forward Destinations is associated member of the registered association:

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